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The Leather.PH Patriotic Face mask is an everyday essential for our “new normal”, our life with the COVID-19 pandemic.
For more active use and longer use in activities, our artisans meticulously hand-punched additional air holes on the right side of the mask, and designed it to represent the Philippine flag. This is a subtle, yet powerful, expression of strength, as a nation, to overcome the challenges of this new normal.
Additionally, we updated the elastic band ear loops to be easily adjustable (using adjustable knots), making it even more easier to have the right fit.

The Build

The Leather.PH Face mask is made from a single piece of 100% real vegetable-tanned full-grain buffalo leather, thinned down to 1.5mm for pliability and weight management. Why just a single piece of leather? Simple: as more separate parts of any leather product there are, the more the areas that will probably breakdown. Also, by having just one piece of premium leather, we have made it easier to clean the mask by just wiping it, reducing areas that are hard to reach. To facilitate breathability, we added air slots on one side of the mask.

For added protection, the outer leather shell is coated with a water-based water resistant coating (none of those chemical based water repellant).

Leather.PH Leather Balm

The Leather.PH Face Mask is meticulously handcrafted, and is saddle-stitched for extra strength. The felt side of the product has been covered with a good amount of our all-organic and natural Leather.PH Leather Balm that contains a significant amount of VCO, a substance currently studied to fight SARS-CoV-2 virus, the cause of COVID-19. In fact, the whole mask is coated with our Leather Balm that contains bees wax for water repellency. This is another layer of protection for you.

The Inside

The inside of the Face Mask contains a removable and washable micro fiber lining. Being removable, you can wash it after using the mask outside. In case you need to use the leather face mask while the micro fiber lining is in the washing machine or dryer, you can also use several layers of tissue instead. A pattern is include to allow you to cut out the shape of the lining. Additional micro fiber lining can be ordered when you purchase from the website.

Going out in these times of COVID-19 means wearing a face mask is the new normal (and it’s the law), so why not make your face mask truly a unique one.

Available in small, medium and large sizes.

How to Order

To order your Leather.PH Leather Face Mask, select the size you want, the quantity you want to buy, then click Add to Cart. You can also avail of additional options like purchasing extra micro fiber lining and adding your debossed initials.

About Real Leather

Leather.PH primarily uses 100% real full-grain buffalo leather, imported from Brazil, Pakistan, UK, and Italy. Being full-grain, the leather we use is the best for durability and strength, having all the great qualities of natural leather. And, because it’s full-grain, it has all the marks, scars, scratches of the animal hide, showing it’s natural characteristics. These natural characteristics of the leather make it unique: no two square centimeter of the leather will be the same. As you use your real leather products, it will develop patina, the natural aging characteristics of leather, making them causing them to get darker, developing luster and suppleness over time. All these are natural and are to be expected.


This product is guaranteed to be free of workmanship and material defects. This guarantee is for the whole lifetime of the product, and in case material defects on the thread, leather, and hardware of the products appear during the duration of its normal service lifetime, Leather.PH will repair or replace those defects. Natural characteristics of leather, such as, but not limited to, scars, scratches, marks etc., comes with real full grain leather and is to be expected from the products. Natural patina is also expected and is not considered defects.


Debossed Stamping of Initials (+200.00)

Debossed stamping of initials. Up to 4 characters. Character Height is 7mm. Font is All CAPS Times New Roman